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In the pollution filled world, nothing is left pure and safe, including the most important element that is water. More and more people are becoming aware of the hazards of consuming impure water. And so the demand for water filters is on the rise. Many diseases are caused due to impure water consumption and can affect both adults and children as well. People have to go through many water borne diseases like the amoebic dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea etc. Therefore people are now considering use of the latest and effective water filters for their regular use. Consumers are in need of some great reliable purification not only in the cities but also in small towns.

Pureit by HUL Classic G2 Mineral 6 L RO + UV Water Purifier  (White, Blue)

In the olden times boiling was the only option to obtain pure and safe water for consuming hul pureit classic. Even today people still use the same method, but due to time constrain in the quick paced world this seems to be the most time consuming method and is not best suited for everyone. People still make use of the candle water filters in many households. You will find many brands in the market today that claim to be the best water purifiers. Choosing the right one is of course difficult and the important things to consider is the price and the level of purification of the system.

You will find different technologies that offer different degrees of purity. There are many types of technologies to purify water they are as follows; UV purification, Distillation, Reverse osmosis, Electro decolonization, Activated carbon filtering and Ion exchange. For domestic use generally the chemical purification, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment or filtration is used. There are many brands that manufacture water purifiers through different methods.

You will find water purifiers that are expensive and some that are pocket friendly. Many water purifiers do not run on electricity and therefore you do not have the burden of electricity bills to be paid. Many brands claim to allow the consumers to service the system themselves and that is very much convenient for many consumers. But it is best to select water purifier that is chemical based as it can effectively remove all the harmful chemical present in the water. You really have to be sure to check out all of your options when shopping for a premier water purifier to eliminate the toxins in your water. There are a lot of different purifying systems out there, but only a few of them come anywhere close to eliminating the wide variety of contaminants that threaten the health of your family. Most will leave you vulnerable to a wealth of toxins and carcinogens.

There are a few models available that don’t even try to remove cysts from your water, which are chlorine resistant parasites. One company that i looked at even has the gall to state that “the definition of a water purifier, per the EPA guidelines, is that of a device that reduces/inactivates bacteria, viruses, and cysts in drinking water”. And yet their product is one of the several that do not remove these chlorine resistant parasites from your water; this shows you that you have to be careful to really study the product you are potentially buying.

A premier water purifier must be well rounded enough in the protection that it offers that it can eliminate all manner of toxic, carcinogenic, and parasitic threats. Your system must remove chlorine, toxic heavy metals, THMs, VOCs, MTBE, TCE, cysts, alachlor, altrazine, benzene, and lindane from your drinking water if your family is going to remain safe.

When reviewing the top ten brands of water filters being sold, only three of them remove contaminants from every single category. Even these three brands are not created equal, and the ranking of these top models is obvious due to the percentages of the various contaminants removed. The top model removes 98. 27% of the total contaminant content of your water.

The second ranked competitor removes 97. 09% of the contaminant content, while third place removes 96. 63%. Just to let you know, the fourth place model drops all the way down to 89%, and the numbers continue to free fall from there. The prices for these appliances from ranking number three down to one are $159. 99, $577. 20, and $99. 99, which shows you that you don’t always have to pay a lot of money for in order to have a premier water purifier.

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